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Ballard Bridge Planning Study

Online Open House

What is the Ballard Bridge Planning Study?

The Ballard Bridge Planning Study will evaluate how to bring the bridge up to current transportation, functional, and structural standards including improved bicycle and pedestrian facilities and keeping buses and freight moving. While we perform regular maintenance and frequent inspections on the bridge to ensure it’s operational and safe for road and marine traffic, due to the age of the structure, more significant rehabilitation may be needed. Since the bridge is in good condition today, we have an opportunity to plan. 

The Ballard Bridge Planning Study will… 

  • Explore feasible rehabilitation and replacement options 

  • Survey community members on their transportation needs and values 

  • Evaluate multimodal mobility and access options based on geometric and traffic analysis 

  • Investigate cost-effective and constructible structure types 

  • Identify associated costs, risks, benefits, and trade-offs of each feasible alternative 

  • Provide a comparison of alternatives to inform future investments along the Interbay Corridor

We look forward to working with you and your neighbors throughout the planning study process! 

1. History of the Ballard Bridge

The Ballard Bridge, from 1917 to now

2. Timeline and Funding

Where are we in the planning study process?

3. Planning Study Considerations

Considering factors such as structural feasibility, multimodal mobility and access, and cost

Online Open House Content
4. Ballard Bridge Options and Evaluation Process

Overview of the three options and the process to evaluate and compare them

5. Low Level Moveable Bridge

Rehabilitation of the existing bridge with improved pedestrian and bicycle facilities

6. Mid Level Moveable Bridge

Replacement of the existing bridge with 65-ft (+5’) clearance and improved pedestrian and bicycle facilities

7. High Level Fixed Bridge

Replacement of the existing bridge with 150-ft (+10’) clearance and improved pedestrian and bicycle facilities

8. Alternatives Analysis

Comparison of the three alternatives across key metrics

9. Share Your Feedback

Let us know your preferences for the alternatives being considered

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